Disabled in the London Marathon


Here’s a very grainy picture of me, in the white t-shirt, finishing the London Marathon way back in 1994.

Four hours 35 minutes and 20 odd seconds was my official time, but that includes the eight minutes plus it took to get to the start line and the few minutes I had to stop to use the bathroom.

I wasn’t disabled then obviously, and it was over two years before my first MS symptoms appeared.

So now 23 years later, wheelchair bound,  I must give a massive shout out to British disabled athlete David Weir who won his amazing seventh London marathon this morning in 1.31.06


Picture credit: Reuters

Watching the pictures on tv today I’m reminded of how bloody far it is to run on two legs.

And after going through the runner’s wall at about 18 miles (when your body runs out of glycogen to convert into energy) those last few miles were more of a pained walk/jog than true running.

So I can only imagine how David’s shoulders and arms must be feeling right now. (My right elbow is in regular pain from the pinched ulnar nerve, aggravated by overuse) I imagine he’ll be using a powered chair for the next few days 🙂

Well done to all the athletes and fun runners, still finishing the race as I write. Thousands of pounds will be raised for dozens of charities today – especially Heads Together, supporting mental health, another form of disability.


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