Take a look at this:

World’s Best Disabled Cities

Must go to Barcelona after reading the write up here. Designer disabled apartments?

I may die and go to heaven if I ever get there.

Meanwhile, over in Asia my hotel hell continues…

The destination: Hong Kong. My first home in Asia. Time for a quick break to catch up with some old friends.

Staying with IHG linked hotels I booked a room at the Indigo Hotel in trendy Wanchai. It’s on Queens Road East, which used to be the harbour front about a century ago and now about three quarters of a kilometre inland thanks to repeated land reclamation over the years.

It looked amazing and I was imagining cocktails by the rooftop pool.

So thinking ahead, I emailed the hotel for pictures of their accessible room given my persistent problems this past year.

It looked good: the bathroom had all the right bells and whistles


Two railings, paper in an easy spot to reach and an alarm bell, also within reach. What could go wrong?

Then I opened the attachment for the shower.


No railings at all. 😮 (and a seat that looks mighty low)

Why? why? why? why? why?

So I emailed the hotel. Can you put in a shower chair like this?

inter chair

Yes we can.

Yeah!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

But with only one arm rest.

Noooooo. 😦 😦 😦

Why???? why? why? why? why?

The hotel couldn’t or wouldn’t source another chair, so I had no choice.

One cancelled reservation. GGrrrrrr. Again.

I wrote an explained why I was cancelling, explaining the need for TWO railings. TWO. Got that? TWO.

I subsequently received an email from Judith Chan, the Reservations Manager at Indigo Hotel:

Thank you for providing us your valuable comments of our facilities, and will certainly take this into consideration for further improvement of our service although the setup of our Accessible room is in fact meet with the IHG standards.  We are providing the shower chair without the armrest in considering that this may be able to fit most of the guest requiring it and the space available in the shower area, and we are sorry that this is unable to meet with your requirement.

Nice words, but note the part I’ve highlighted in bold type. A shower chair without armrest which may fit MOST guests. So not all. I’m not sure why a two armrest chair over one with a single one is thought to take up more floor space either.

Judith also said the room fitted IHG’s standards for accessibility but that she would pass on my comments to higher management for their consideration in future planning. So clearly my idea of what works and IHG’s are two different things. And would the higher management be the same Thomas Schmelter I emailed after my stay in Bangkok, and have yet to hear back from?






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