In sickness and the UK government


   Whitehall explains….

I received a reply from Lawrence Osei about how the UK government justifies denying people assistance benefits if they have had the audacity to live overseas for more than two years.

(This is the time of Little Britain after all)

Mr Osei informs me that the ‘habitual residence test’, which is the format they work from when deciding if you are deserving of help, used to be a six month period. (i.e. you had to have been in the UK for at least six of the last 12 months.)

A reasonable amount of time IMHO

But as Britain is in the EU (for now anyway) tests about ‘residence’ could not be enforced because under EU law an EU citizen can live anywhere in the bloc. Which in their minds meant people could claim this benefit regardless of where they were actually living indefinitely.

So looking at this, the bureaucrats decided disabled folk needed to demonstrate their love of the motherland a bit more forcefully, and quadrupled the qualifying period from six months to two years.

The possibility that if someone can afford to live away from the UK probably means they don’t need government help to start with never occur to you?

Your generosity is noted.


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