If a picture paints a thousand words…


Whaddya think of this logo?

Pretty cool right?

A disabled icon looking like someone in a wheelchair going places, not just some static body becalmed in the middle of a blue lagoon.

My cousin’s husband Simon just told me about this project Accessible Icon (He’s a graphic designer).

And if an icon is meant to represent something or someone or somewhere isn’t this a great place to start changing attitudes about the disabled?

We aren’t just people stranded in the middle of nowhere unable to do things without assistance.

We can and do get out the house, do the shopping, catch a plane, go places… (oooh scary prospect that one for some (other people) ).

If you’ve got five minutes take a look through the website. I’m not advocating defacing public signage, but what’s that saying about the beat of a butterfly’s wings on one side of the planet becomes a typhoon on the other?



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