Disabled In…Updates

It’s not the silly season just yet


So working my way through a bunch of post last week in my mail box and I was rather stunned to see a letter postmarked EIIR.

And then on closer inspection ‘Buckingham Palace.’


A letter from the Royals.

I’d forgotten about the letter I’d handed over to one of the Royal staff at my Dad’s investiture. And I hadn’t really expected an answer.

But as my old boss at AP used to say: No ask-ie, no get-tie. So I asked and I got.

What did I ask? For William and Harry to support my blog on disability, given the work they do with disabled groups – Harry especially with Invictus Games.

I didn’t get quite what I asked. A polite: We can’t, because then we’d have to do it for every request.

So not quite By Royal Appointment just yet ūüė¶

But that doesn’t mean Harry @KensingtonRoyal and William @DukeCambridgeUK can’t follow my blog on Twitter @tvsteph does it guys???

Back to Africa

Anyway as it’s holiday time, later this month I’m going back to Kenya – as I want to see some wildlife in the wild.

I won’t just be watching wildebeest on migration though, I’ll also be looking at what life is like for the ¬†wheelchair bound there.

Remember my blog about Australian charity Wheelchairs For Kids?

I’m going to be looking at what it’s like to receive a wheelchair. I’ll be hooking up with¬†Worldvision¬†and hopefully¬†Pek Care International¬†to see their wheelchair distribution programmes.

And of course I’ll be taking a look at disabled facilities in some of the places I’ll be staying. Some will be brand new, others already tried and tested. Watch out for my reviews.

I also hope to catch up with Kenya’s MS Society chairman Kimani Kamau on what’s been happening with those guys since their inaugural meeting last year. If #MS is rare in Malaysia, it’s even rarer in Africa.

Doctors are only just starting to recognise the illness there. And with the price of medication so astronomical, treatment is probably out of reach for the vast majority of people.

It’s another potential Vitamin D link. Because most African skin is dark it can’t manufacture enough Vitamin D – thought to be linked in someway to the illness. I touched on that in my doco.

And finally…

Last update from me for now. The Star newspaper in Malaysia featured a nice piece about me and my adventures in a wheelchair and having MS. Hopefully it will help kick start my consultancy into action.

See ya back in August




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