And now for the hard part…

Starting my own business consultancy


Life as a disabled person is endlessly challenging, so keeping a sense of humour and seeing the funny side – in a twisted kind of way – is a necessity.

How can you not see the irony when you approach reception desk for an appointment and the woman behind it says: “please take a seat” when you’ve just wheeled up in a chair.

I’ve been in a wheelchair now for more than two years, and ever since then I’ve been discovering endless hurdles to life stuck in a seat.

Gallows humour certainly helps.

You have been reading my blog, right?

I’ve always tried to offer suggestions as to how I think places could be improved (mostly toilets). Sometimes I get listened to, often I don’t.

Now though with my life as a tv journalist in the background for now, I’m taking a new direction. I’m not gonna give out free advice any more – I’ll tell you as a consultant.

I’ll still be in KL for now, but am happy to travel, as I know things ain’t perfect wherever I go.

My aim is to assess existing facilities, make recommendations for changes (if needed) and offer advice on where to find equipment as necessary.

In new buildings, or those under construction, I hope to hook in with the architects/designers before they make mistakes.

Certainly in KL I’m sure I’ll need to hook up with health & safety, and the fire department so I’m working on the nitty gritty right now. But that will be done in a few weeks, and then the really hard part:

Getting the first client.

Watch this space 🙂




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