All’s well that ends well

Finding somewhere that works that doesn’t break the bank


So after my London jaunt I moved up to Suffolk to visit my mum, who lives in Beccles. Here’s a pic of the lovely Southwold lighthouse in summertime. Sadly we hadn’t quite got those temperatures last week.


A steamy 15 degrees was about as good as it got last week – which is as good as freezing when you’re used to 30 degrees+ every day. The beach and the North Sea weren’t looking too inviting either. Not even a local dipping their toes.


But I did find myself an excellent place to stay that didn’t quite reach the lofty price of the Marriott at the Premier Inn, Lowestoft

After my earlier problems in the capital and a Facebook rant or two a friend mentioned Premier Inns had done the job for another disabled friend of his. And so it proved here. All the bells and whistles you’d want in a disabled friendly room. And the staff were great too.

I’d never come across them before, but there are two within spitting distance of the Marriott – one at the curiously named former ‘Lying in Hospital’. Lying in cos you’re too lazy to get up? Lying In cos you’re too sick to get up? Or maybe Lying In cos you’re just enjoying hospital food too much? The mind boggles.

Actually I just looked it up –  Lying In Hospital it was originally a maternity hospital. Lying In cos you’re too exhausted from giving birth then, I guess.

I’ll check it out the next time I’m in town.

But a few more holiday snaps – of the local wildlife you can find in these parts 🙂



And there’s a whole bunch more wildlife at Africa Alive, and it’s got good disabled facilities too 🙂

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