Disabled In…

Hello I’m Steph



I’m in a wheelchair because I have Multiple Sclerosis. I can’t really walk any more, which kinda sucks if you like travelling as much as I do. (This pic was taken at Lake Bogoria in Kenya watching the flamingoes – which weren’t very pink!).

I wanted to create this space as a way of sharing all the annoying things that being in a chair brings, how to get round them, and maybe come up with a one-stop-shop of tips and hints, places to go, how ‘wheelchair friendly’ places are, items to buy for getting around. Useful stuff.

Readers can add their tips and suggestions.

I’m based in Asia, so my experience is going to be very different to those of you in Europe or the USA.

I’m new at this, so bear with me. Thirty years in the media does not make me a digital genius or design guru.


Let’s start

I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I used to work at Al Jazeera as a producer and reporter. In  2013 I made a documentary about having MS.

If you want to know more about me having MS you can watch it here:

I’ve been a journalist my entire working life, well apart from the year being a dive bum in French Polynesia and the Philippines:)

It’s taken me all over Asia and beyond. Tonga, New Zealand, Australia in the south east; Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong and Mongolia in the north; a bit of Malaysia and Singapore in between, with lastly my favourite ‘hood’ the Mekong region: Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. (Cambodia especially – ask my mates how much of a Cambodia bore I am)

Here’s some more of my stuff:



So what I’m gonna try to do is just blog and write as I go, and tell you how I find it. I’m off to Singapore next week for the ADEX dive show, so I’ll next update then



One thought on “Disabled In…

  1. Hello,

    I was sent this link via a feiend, not had a chance to read a great deal yet.

    I also have MS, in fact it is now SPMS and I am medically retired. Since retirement I have setup a website that is an information website for people with MS, ir is http://www.aid4disabled.com. See also twitter and FB pages, also called aid4disaboed You can subscribe to my blogs, the posts are an integral part of my webite.

    Keep in touch



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